2010 Muare

It never was so spectacular rock neither as rocker show.

2007 Voala Station

Any day we can find, suddenly, at the station that drives us to fly. An intimate rebellion of poetry, magic and vertigo.

2000 K@osmos

A molecular ritual, a cosmic dance ... The immense and the depth.

2004 Esthesia

Suspended of emotion so skin is not the limit.

2000-06 Events

Do blow up the concepts. Dialogue with aerial movement

2002 Pachataica

They fertilized creation when the heart of the sky was suspended and the heart of the land was submerged in water. (Popol Vuh, Mayan book of creation)

1999 Celebration on the heights

"The more irreverent manger I've seen" Fernando Birri.

1996 Metastasis of Babel

Communication is the cancer of communion.

1994 Sisifo

The eternal return of the same is a ramshackle machine.

1993-96 Art installations

The origin of that immobile in continuous motion becomes

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